Going Touchless is a High-Tech Solution to your Hygiene

Touchelss Sanitlizer

“Whether you’re searching for infectious disease control initiatives to help stop COVID-19 transmission or a convenient way to help to combat the seasonal flu, touchless hand sanitizers can effectively reduce exposure in your facility. “

In our pre-pandemic ‘normal,’ hand sanitizer had a limited and understated role daily. It was a rarely used item at shops and offices, and we were holding hands, exchanging stationery, and generally carrying on without any thought.  How things have changed. Life after lockdown has given us the key message of ‘hands, face, space,’ which has now become embedded in our minds. These days, automatic or touchless hand sanitizer dispensers are a common feature.

“As the outbreak progressed into a pandemic, it became increasingly important to be as contactless as possible. Hence, the use of contactless sanitizer dispensers has become an ultimate necessity.”

Continue reading this blog to learn about some of the most important advantages of having a touchless hand sanitizer in your home or workplace.

Improved Hygiene

“There is no common contact point with touchless hand sanitizer dispensers.”

Hand sanitizer dispensers are the ideal option for keeping your colleagues’ or employees’ hands clean. To make sure that you prevent the risk of disease transmission from one worker to another or a customer, touch-free or automated hand dispensers are an ideal fit. It will decrease the probability of disease-causing pathogens passing among your workforce.


“A touch-free sanitizer dispenser allows you to create a fixed budget and track costs to help you increase your business’s profitability and sales in the long run.”

Since the amount of sanitizer dispensed by a touchless hand sanitizer is the same with each usage, it ensures economical consumption. It helps eliminate waste and spillage of the sanitizer as it is sprayed directly on the user’s hand.

Durable & Easy to Maintain

Touchless hand sanitizers usually face much less physical damages due to minimal contact by the user.”

Touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers are often made of strong materials that last longer than others. This makes them a long-term and cost-effective investment for your employees and business. 

Delivers a standard dose

One of the most significant benefits of an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser machine is that it provides a steady amount that is enough to wipe both hands.

These controlled doses are usually sprayed on the hands, resulting in minimal to no wastage, as opposed to manual ones, which sometimes release extra sanitizer. 

Modern appearance

Contactless hand sanitizer dispensers are typically elegant and appealing in appearance. They also provide a modern touch to the environments in which they are installed.

When you install a contactless hand sanitizer dispenser in your workplace, you are giving your surroundings a high-end feel.

Choosing the PERFECT touchless hand sanitizer for you

“Our goal has always been to find new methods to improve people’s lives.

Our full range of Skindfense hand sanitizers provides you with a variety of solutions to fit your home, business, workers, and guests or clients. Our touchless hand sanitizers are available in freestanding or wall-mounted models, making them suitable for high-traffic office or warehouse environments. We’re in this for the long haul. So we’ve structured our pricing to represent our long-term goals. Place your order today!