SkinDfense Sanitizer Gel

SkinDfense is a new tool in your arsenal to battle harmful germs and viruses.

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  • Greater discounts for larger minimum order quantities
  • Works with the SkinDfense Hand Sanitizer Dispenser



SkinDfense is brought to you by SkinStitch, a trusted name providing quality products to the medical industry for more than 20 years. What’s more, our hand sanitizer is produced in our FDA approved facility following rigid quality standards right here in Massena, NY.

 SizePer CasePer Item Cost
2 oz 56$0.90$50.40
8 oz24$2.10$50.40
16 oz12$3.65$43.80
32 oz 6$5.95$35.70

4 Case Bulk Pricing

 SizePer CaseMSRPPer Item Cost
2 oz 56$2.50$0.75$168.00
8 oz24$1.65$158.40
16 oz12$2.90$139.20
32 oz 6$18.50$4.00$114.00

Full Pallet Pricing

 SizePer CaseMSRPPer Item Cost
2 oz 56$2.50$0.60$6,451.20
8 oz24$1.40$4,032.00
16 oz12$2.45$4,116.00
32 oz 6$18.50  $9.75$2,400.00

1 Case, 4 Case, Pallet


2 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., Gallon

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