SkinDfense Mist

The world’s finest touch-free smart sanitizer!

Smart IR SkinDfense Mist

The Smart IR SkinDfense Mist touch-free smart sanitizer takes protection against viruses and germs to a whole new level!

  • Touch-less

    Avoid being infected by inadvertent “contact” with previous users

  • Multiple Spray Positions

    Dynamic design makes the Smart IR SkinDfense Mist useful for multiple scenarios in your day-to-day life.

  • Two Modes: “Near” and “Far”

    Automatically judges the distance between you and the Smart IR SkinDfense Mist.

  • Efficient Spray Amount

    Provides enough sanitizing solution to protect your hands or devices from dangerous viruses and germs.

  • Wireless and Easy Installation

    Install the Smart IR SkinDfense Mist practically anywhere: wall mount or bracketed stand. Uses 3 AAA batteries that provide 700-1,000 spraying incidents.

  • Manual Spray Setting

    If you need to manually disinfect an area or desire a greater amount of sanitizer, simply press the “Mist” button on the front.


Packing List Description
Accessories Standard: on 3M tape + instruction book
Optional: Table top base which supports the sprayer.
Packing Information 10 pcs/Lot: 24.5x 5.5×7.87 in., 11.02 lb.

6 Lot/Carton: 25.12×16.53×16.53 in., 74.95 lb.