• Alcohol Gel 1
    SkinDfense Hand Sanitizer is an American made product produced in FDA regulated facilities.
  • Virus Cleaning
    SkinDfense Sanitizers are lemon-scented, available as sprayable liquids and as Aloe and Vitamin E infused gels.
  • Certificate 1
    The patented Smart IR Touch-free SkinDfense Mist was designed and developed in Massena, NY with the assistance of our global manufacturing partners.


About Hero

SkinStitch, LLC pioneered the medical adhesive industry. Our simple but revolutionary skin adhesive has improved the lives of millions for over 20 years.

“Our quest has always been, developing new ways to improve people’s lives”

At the onset of the COVID pandemic, we recognized the growing need to provide high quality hand sanitizers that will help keep people safe. SkinDfense was our solution: high quality and affordable hand sanitizers that will afford people feeling more secure in their personal hygiene.

We have spent weeks perfecting our formulae to provide the absolute best value to our customers without sacrificing quality. Our sanitizers are produced right here in the United States at FDA regulated facilities. We’re in this for the long haul. So we’ve structured our pricing to reflect our long-term goals.

While creating our hand sanitizers, it dawned on us that people not only have to practice personal hygiene, but also feel secure about hygiene of their environment. Then began the development of a revolutionary Touch-free Sanitizer, which evolved into the Smart Infrared SkinDfensev Mist! We encourage you to watch our video and see how this small, powerful device can enhance the safety of many of your environment.

SkinStitch, LLC is a proud veteran-established business.